Dance parties with two year olds

During the preschool hours of the day, I teach two year olds and three years old. As I might have shared in my past entries, people may ask what do I teach them, and I often respond with teach them how to be human. It really is meta, they are learning everyday in the classroom setting with how to connect with each other and express themselves. I have found, one of the great ways to do so with this age group is through dancing and moving their bodies. It is one of the only ways that gets them to be fully present, happy, and most themselves. They get to practice social skills in what looks like dancing and fun times to the outside eye. Through the use of props, different styles of music varying from guided movement songs to Jack Johnson to Trolls to classical music. Anything that supports the moment and what they and myself included, need. In the picture above, we used scarves to dance with and I noticed how the children really let loose and just had fun together. I hate to admit it, but it is difficult to have peace and ease in the classroom of 15 two-three year olds. It can get a bit crazy after awhile and we all have moments of wanting to kill each other. But we never do and through music, art, dancing, and playing outside, we are able to find the joy and connect to each other.

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